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Freeport Cruise Port
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Freeport has the unique distinction of being on the Bahmanian island nearest to Miami. Located a mere 50 miles East of the Florida coast, Grand Bahama Island is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and water activities, from snorkeling to sea fishing.

The Freeport Harbor is located on the west-central part of the island, and you will have to take a ten minute taxi ride to get into the main area of Port Lucaya. Most taxis will offer to make the trip for a flat fee of around $15 USD. Also, there are often group vans that will shuttle cruisers from the pier to the International Bazaar at Port Lucaya, which run in the range of $5 USD per passenger.

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Garden of the Groves
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Discover the natural beauty and the wildlife of the Bahamas at the Garden of the Groves, an idyllic botanical garden filled with lush plant life, native animal life, and plenty of photo opportunities.

The 12-acre park was dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Groves, the founders of Freeport, in 1973, and since that time, it has been transformed into the eden of the Bahamas: with over ten thousands plants and hundreds of birds and other animals, the Garden is the perfect place to take a stroll.

In addition to the exotic macaws, alligators, and iguanas that live on the grounds, there is a wonderful petting zoo that allows children to interact with the pot-bellied pigs and pygmy goats of the Garden. There is also a wonderful playground for the younger visitors.

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Peterson Cay National Park

Peterson Cay, a tiny island off the south shore of Grand Bahama, is home to Peterson Cay National Park, the smallest national park in the Bahamas, covering only 1.5 acres. Small though it may be, the cay is home to one of the most beautiful reefs in the Bahamas, and the gorgeous coral structures are replete with snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Past the initial soft coral near the beach, the main reef is a short swim off the shore, so be sure to go past the initial soft-branch. There is also a wide variety of aquatic life that calls the reef home, so keep your eyes out for tropical fish, and even manta rays and barracuda.

The pristine sandy beaches provide a perfect spot for quiet relaxation and afternoon picnics, and the calm atmosphere of the island is ideal for any Bahaman vacation.

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