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Inner Canyon River tour naar de bodem van Grand Canyon van Williams of Flagstaff

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Williams, Verenigde Staten
Inner Canyon River tour naar de bodem van Grand Canyon van Williams of Flagstaff
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Breng een dag door met het verkennen van de Innerlijke Kloof van de Grand Canyon tijdens een dagexcursie van Flagstaff - ideaal voor reizigers van alle leeftijden en fysieke omstandigheden. Met deze tour kunt u tijd besparen bij het zoeken naar parkeren of wachten in de lange rijen van het bezoekerscentrum en 1,524 meter naar de bodem van de kloof reizen in een off-road-voertuig met airconditioning. Dit laat net genoeg tijd over voor een lunch aan de rand van de rivier.
  • Verken de Inner Canyon in comfort met airconditioning en een gids
  • Sla de drukte over op de parkeerplaatsen van de Grand Canyon en de lijnen in het bezoekerscentrum
  • Ideaal voor reizigers van alle leeftijden en fysieke omstandigheden
  • Vervoer heen en terug vanaf Flagstaff en Williams hotels inbegrepen
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Schilderachtige 4x4 off road tour
Grand Canyon Railway Hotel , 233 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046-2563
9:00 AM

After booking, the operator will contact you about pickup time.

  • U ontvangt op het moment van boeken een bevestiging
  • Niet rolstoeltoegankelijk
  • Kinderen moeten worden begeleid door een volwassene
  • Werkt onder alle weersomstandigheden, kleed je op de juiste manier aan, de temperaturen zijn onderaan 20 graden warmer
  • Minimumleeftijd is 5 jaar
  • Minimale boeking vereist is 2
  • Toegankelijk voor kinderwagens
  • Dichtbij openbaar vervoer
  • Geschikt voor vrijwel alle reizigers
  • Er nemen maximaal 50 reizigers deel aan deze tour/activiteit
  • UITGEVOERD DOOR Tours to the bottom
Als u uiterlijk 24 uur voor de ervaring annuleert, ontvangt u een volledige restitutie.
  • Annuleer ten minste 24 uur voor de starttijd van de ervaring om een volledige restitutie te ontvangen.
  • Als u later dan 24 uur voor de starttijd van de ervaring annuleert, wordt het bedrag dat u heeft betaald niet gerestitueerd.
  • Any changes made less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time will not be accepted.
  • Eindtijden zijn gebaseerd op de lokale tijd van de ervaring.

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Great tour esp with kids
, jun. 2021
A great tour! Brought my husband and 9 year old son! Learned a lot about the Grand Canyon from the audio tour and my son loved the cowboy stories, too! The beach where we could splash in the Colorado River was fun, and mostly empty except for our tour group. It was pristine. There were porta-potty’s, so very convenient for kids. We saw wild horses, burros, and sheep. Our guide brought apples for the burros and we fed them. Our guide was from Ashfork and very knowledgeable and very personable.
Not what I expected.
, apr. 2019
We were taking tour from Flagstaff. After long drive we stop before entering indian reservation, where driver obtain permission to drive trough the land. Then we drive again with one short stop for pictures. The scenery was beautiful but I wish to have more time for pictures at many places not just one. we end up close to river where we have had about 1 1/2 hour rest. I didn't feel like being in the canyon at all and we have got for lunch subway sandwich. All was weird specially for the high price. I can imagine taking 2 different tours than this one. I do not recommend this tour at all. Giving this tour one star only because the driver was very nice and did a great job.
icon Reactie van aanbieder , jul. 2019
Let me start with saying you probably shouldn’t have taken this tour. Who should take this tour? People that have an understanding of what it takes to get you to the bottom first of all, then a true desire to see it, and last knowing their options to get there. We have helped thousands of people fulfill this dream that otherwise could not. This tour takes you off the beaten path to the only access to get in by vehicle , travels 18 miles or 1.5 hours through the Canyon, along the way there are areas of towering canyon walls just out your window, amazing views in and out of the Canyon, a variety of rock formations and colors, natural springs and plant life ranging through 3 climatic zones as you descend nearly 4000 feet to arrive at the Colorado River. Our custom coaches have lifted suspension with 4x4 conversions, upgraded air conditioning systems, and the best sound systems you’ve ever heard. The actual narrative and tour begins once we leave Williams. The degree of our quality sound system along with the extensive detailed information is second to none. We are a small Christian Family owned and operated business. Comments such as yours we take very seriously and to heart. I have been doing tours here at Grand Canyon since 1991, and in that time have been fortunate to either offer or do on my own most that are still out there operating today. To include Helicopter tour pilot (13 yrs.) for Papillon Helicopters, Owned and operated Jeep tours at south rim, ATV tours at south rim, tours to page to include Antelope Slot Canyon, and the smooth water float. Worked with the Rafting companies offering the 1-day trip down the Colorado, and have taken just about all that is out there to further my experience and knowledge. Through love of the Canyon and especially the Colorado River I have chosen to only specialize in getting people to the bottom to also see and experience what I have. In my opinion it is a must do for a full Canyon experience. Most, as in literally thousands of people in my last 12 years offering the Inner Canyon River Tour tell me almost daily, ( wow you get to do this everyday ? ) Yes, I am blessed being able to do what I love so much but because it is also my livelihood I feel compelled to set things right with our viewers. So lets get to the issue at hand. No tour, no restaurant, no hotel, product or service of any kind will please everyone. But for everyone like yourself that feels the need to degrade, demoralize, or just plain slander there are hundreds to thousands that would disagree. Haven’t you ever heard that if you can’t say anything nice maybe you should keep it to yourself. The one thing I have certainly learned from all of this social media is that I will never trust any stranger with different likes, personalities, or opinions to tell me how I should or should not spend my hard earned money. They are not experts ! And most simply make this their habit or hobby because it somehow makes them feel better. Anyone with a true legitimate complaint should absolutely address the head of that company, and any company should be fair and understanding with any legitimate complaint. But instead, most people will cowardly hide behind social media, taking advantage of their platforms, using them with intent to harm or discredit. While some people complain about the smallest of things, others just plain lie about things, or over exaggerate to make it sound worse. I have seen this throughout every thing I’ve done in my last 28 years. Although I appreciate all of the great reviews and am grateful, I would advise anyone to talk with the company, operator, or property first hand, and never let some stranger having a bad day tell you what’s right for you or how to spend your money. And remember for every one review such as this there are hundreds to thousands that do disagree. Some will feel they want you to know and post a review, but most are just happy and are thinking about what’s next. I hope this helps all, God Bless ! Bret K.
1 traveler found this review helpful
This was a very long time in a van...
Leigh O
, aug. 2017
This was a very long time in a van with very little time outside the van. We did see some cool wildlife which was the highlight of the trip.
icon Reactie van aanbieder , apr. 2019
Leigh, although seeing wildlife along the way is an added bonus, Seeing the Grand Canyon from the inside and reaching the Colorado River should have been your purpose to take the tour. I agree getting to the bottom is time consuming and you must be in our coach to do this. We have since made available for our guests the opportunity to hike in the last 1.2 miles if they should choose and for those not interested in the scenic portion of the tour through the canyon I hope this might help. Thank You for your input.

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Inner Canyon River tour naar de bodem van Grand Canyon van Williams of Flagstaff
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