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NYC-cruise naar het Vrijheidsbeeld

New York, Verenigde Staten
NYC-cruise naar het Vrijheidsbeeld

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Zie New York City vanaf het water met een sightseeingcruise vanaf een bruisende East River Pier. Navigeer door de haven van New York voor een prachtig uitzicht op het Vrijheidsbeeld, kijk naar de iconische vorm van het World Financial Center en maak onvergetelijke beelden van de skyline van de stad. Zie Ellis Island en de Brooklyn Bridge, en zie hoe de kustlijn van de Big Apple zich ontplooit als je het opneemt vanaf het dek van een comfortabel rondvaartschip.
  • Sightseeing cruise op de haven van New York
  • Zie Ellis Island, het Vrijheidsbeeld en de Brooklyn Bridge
  • Geniet van het uitzicht op de belangrijkste bezienswaardigheden van New York
  • Perfect voor fotografen
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299 South St, New York, NY 10002, Verenigde Staten

Op Vessey St en North End Avenue Vertrek: Stuur een e-mail naar voor de meest recente vertrektijd


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Liberty Cruise Select
16/02/2021 - 2/02/2023
Maandag - Zondag:14:00 - 15:1016:00 - 17:10
Liberty Cruise Saver 11:00 uur
1/04/2020 - 2/02/2023
Maandag - Donderdag:14:00 - 15:1016:00 - 17:10

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  • UITGEVOERD DOOR New York Water Tours Inc
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    Loved the ride
    , jun. 2021
    Love the boat it was awesome and the tour guide guy was super funny and informative. The bost was decorated in a father's day theme which was perfect for my husband. The trip to New York was his father's day gift. And the kids loved it ages 4, 11, and 16 they had a ball. I would suggest before spending money on the ticket check Groupon first much cheaper. And you will need a special ban (extra charge) to sit at the very top. But the photographer was great so we got to go out to take the photo. It's worth it and once again a great experience all around.
    1 traveler found this review helpful
    , mrt. 2021
    Horrible horrible will use or recommend you guys we paid 48 dollars for the outside balcony and was told it was full and we could not go up once we were finally allowed on the boat after we were made to at and in a line freezing cold for an hour no one scanned our tickets there were two lines the ones who gave extra money to the so called worked and gave them a. tip to let them in the line and the ones us who paid the online price Then the only line allowed to get on the cruise was the ones who tipped the workers, we lined jumped so we could get on the boat. But before we did I that we were told there was no refund if we could not cruise, what a mess then once on board no where to sit and the food high priced watered down hot chocolate I paid five dollars for a hot dog 3 dollars for MnM’s 5 dollars for hot chocolate, worst experience ever
    1 traveler found this review helpful
    great experience
    , jan. 2021
    Its was great and very informative, me and my wife enjoy the trip and we will also come again next month
    icon Reactie van aanbieder , aug. 2021
    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are very thrilled to have been chosen as your provider for your touring needs throughout the NYC area. We look forward to assisting your touring needs in the future.
    , jan. 2021
    This was a surprise for my daughters 13th birthday. We were visiting NYC during the New Year holiday. Arrived 15 minutes early for our 3:30 departure. After waiting in line for 45 minutes the boat takes off. When people including us asked what the story was we were told that we would have to wait another hour and a half for the boat to return. Mind you it’s New Years Day, freezing cold, and raining. We had booked the select tour due to the fact we live 4 hours away and wanted to make it home at a decent time. So we decide to wait (almost 3 hours total) hoping that the tour would be worth it. Needless to say IT MOST CERTAINLY WAS NOT! The only way you could see anything was if you went outside on the deck as they had the lights inside so bright there was a terrible glare on the windows. AGAIN WE HAD BEEN WAITING OUTSIDE IN THE FREEZING COLD AND RAIN FOR ALMOST 3 HOURS AND WE WANTED TO WARM UP. They had food and beverages on the boat however they also sucked. Pizza was hard as a rock and hot chocolate might as well have been hot water in a cup with a lonely chocolate chip in it. My daughter was so excited when we first arrived and I told her what we were going to be doing but she was so cold she didn’t even want to go out on the deck to see the Statue of Liberty, which she’s been asking to see for years! We never received an apology for being inconvenienced nor a full or partial refund. Then to top it all off the crew had the audacity to stand there after the tour was over asking for tips! We’ve visited NYC many times and been on multiple cruises, sightseeing and party, and never had such an awful experience. The worst part about it was my daughter not being able to enjoy her birthday surprise due to the incompetence of the organizers of this tour which pis*es me right off not to mention the good money I paid for a completely shi*ty experience!
    icon Reactie van aanbieder , mrt. 2021
    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We apologize that you had an unpleasant touring experience, and were unable to meet the cruise at the desired time. We appreciate all of our customers feedback, and use it as a tool for growth. Although we wish you had a better experience, it is feedback like this we learn from, and use to improve our service. We understand that your time is valuable, and want to make it up to you. Please email us at We look forward to hearing from you
    1 traveler found this review helpful
    Great cruise
    , dec. 2020
    Excellent cruise. My daughter and I loved it.. The announcer was very knowledgeable. Looking forward to taking this cruise again.
    One of the best cruise/tours I have experienced
    , dec. 2020
    This tour was the best. The guide was extremely knowledgeable. My daughter and I really enjoyed it and would take this cruise again.
    This is a scam ... DO NOT PURCHASE
    , sep. 2020
    This is a scam the boat never showed up and no number to call to complain or to get your money back do not purchase.
    Appreciate for Viator & for one guy who was serving me in the buffet ..He was soo nice Thanks
    , feb. 2020
    Appreciate for Viatur !Thanks for the guy who was serving me in the buffet!He was sooo nice!Recommend for everyone Viatur
    wrong information about price and location...
    Herminio V
    , aug. 2019
    someone tell me to go my ticket atl 42 st. and other person tell me get out at Chamberlly train station to redeem my ticket,,so i was not able to go...Me and wife miss the tour..
    Average experience
    , jul. 2019
    For the price it was an ok experience, the boat is very outdated and it is very difficult to move around. The upper level has limited seats and there is no space for people to stand. In the lower level there is no space to stand on both sizes of the boat, in the back there is some space, but the smell of burning diesel was intolerable. I don't mean anything bad, but the guide gave me an impression that he was not a New York fan, he was very negative about the history of NY and gave his opinion constantly, I wasn't there to hear his opinion. Overall despite my comments above, it was an ok ride.

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